Hotels & Business

The know-how and proven track record of success makes Sound & Vision the ideal partner for installing multimedia entertainment or professional-use systems as well as smart integrated management of comfort features in hotels and luxury reception areas. Accustomed to addressing the needs and constraints in offering the best to their highly-demanding clients, Sound & Vision is available to design the solution best suited to each of your concerns. From the comfort of different room or private apartment categories, the prestige of your luxury suites and the ambiance of your reception areas (lobby, front desk, bars, restaurants to the services of your leisure facilities (wellness, gym, children’s area, etc.) and work spaces (Internet rooms, conference and seminar areas).


Sound & Vision offers solutions for guests in suites of leading luxury hotels an experience that meets their highest expectations. Background or high-fidelity music in different areas from multiple sources (FM radio, Internet, music libraries), including the guest’s music (iPod, iPhone, tablet). Multimedia content broadcasting (television channels, video-on-demand, Internet) on equipment fully integrated within the suite’s décor and ambiance.

Automated management of atmospheric lighting using pre-programmed control scenarios for lighting, exterior blinds, interior curtains and drapes. Suite occupancy management (empty, occupied, cleaning, single Royal suite mode or separate VIP suites). All these functions are centralized by a user interface consistent with the image of your establishment, simple and easy to use only requiring a few minutes to learn.

 Hotels Rooms

For our specialized teams, is critical to make sure that when guests enter a hotel room they can get to grips with their surroundings in just a few minutes and feel at ease. Easy and efficient management of the room’s main functions helps a great deal in achieving this. With our solutions designed for the hotel industry, Sound &Vision will ensure quick, smart access to atmospheric lighting (lighting, blinds and curtains), background music, multimedia content (television, video-on-demand), heating and air conditioning controls, keycard management and security features (fire alarm). Room status is also fed back to reception. Traditional services such as cleaning, laundry and room service can also be accessed.


Creating pleasant and discreet atmospheric sound with suitable background music in these areas of movement and rest, is essential to conserve a friendly atmosphere and communication among people. Here once more, Sound & Vision can offer reliable and effective solutions, perfectly integrated within your environment.


Sound & Vision’s command of the highly specific constraints of these environments (ambient sound, humidity, temperature variations, limited integration options) and knowledge of suitable technologies will enable us to design and install high-performance solutions, reliable over time, for these leisure and relaxation spaces.

 Conference Room

High-quality display (screen or projection), high-performance and multi-tasking audio system, automated management of space usage scenarios combining lighting and curtains/blinds systems management: these are the ingredients to optimized and effective use of a conference or seminar area. Sound & Vision’s design office understands the challenges and needs of luxury reception areas in the hotel industry and can design high-performance, adaptable solutions (formal presentations, interactive events, content projection, etc.)