Acoustimass® 10 Series V home cinema speaker system

High-performance surround sound



Spacious, five-speaker performance. Powerful bass. Sleek design. The Acoustimass® 10 Series V speaker system has it all for component-minded home cinema enthusiasts. It’s our best-performing Acoustimass® system, with redesigned Direct/Reflecting® Series II cube speakers that pair nicely with your HDTV. Resounding bass performance from an advanced Acoustimass® module lets you enjoy all your entertainment even more, every day.

  • Our best-performing Acoustimass® system delivers spacious surround sound for larger rooms
  • Redesigned Direct/Reflecting® Series II speakers have a slimmer profile and can mount flush to your wall
  • Pair with your choice of A/V receiver for cinema-like surround sound
  • Powerful low note effects from powered Acoustimass® module with two high-performance drivers
  • Adjustable controls for volume and low-frequency effects
  • Cables and connectors included and clearly marked for easy setup

Additional information


Direct/Reflecting® Series II speakers

Height: 18.95 cm
Width: 8.32 cm
Depth: 8.49 cm
Weight: 1.00 kg
Center speaker

Height: 8.70 cm
Width: 18.68 cm
Depth: 8.10 cm
Weight: 1.00 kg
Acoustimass® module

Height: 41.50 cm
Width: 20.70 cm
Depth: 64.30 cm
Weight: 15.80 kg

Included items

4 Direct/Reflecting® Series II cube speakers
1 horizontal center channel speaker
Powered Acoustimass® module
1 system input cable – 6.1 m
2 rear speaker cables – 15.24 m
3 front speaker cables – 6.1 m
Rubber feet for front center speaker
Power cord