Hotels & Business

 With its experience and knowledge of products and technologies available, SoundandVision is the ideal partner for installing multimedia entertainment or professional-use systems as well as smart integrated management of comfort features in hotels and luxury reception areas.

Accustomed to hearing the needs and constraints of establishments who want to offer the best to their highly-demanding clients, SoundandVision is available to design the solution best suited to each of your concerns. From the comfort of different room or private apartment categories, the prestige of your luxury suites and the ambiance of your reception areas (lobby, front desk, bars, restaurants, etc.) to the services of your leisure facilities (wellness, gym, children’s area, etc.) and work spaces (Internet rooms, conference and seminar areas).


SoundandVision will assist in offering guests of suites in leading luxury hotels an experience that meets their highest expectations.

Background or high-fidelity music in different areas from multiple sources (FM radio, Internet, music libraries), including the guest’s music (iPod, iPhone, tablet). Multimedia content broadcasting (television channels, video-on-demand, Internet) on equipment fully integrated within the suite’s décor and ambiance.

Automated management of atmospheric lighting using pre-programmed control scenarios for lighting, exterior blinds, interior curtains and drapes. Suite occupancy management (empty, occupied, cleaning, single Royal suite mode or separate VIP suites).

All these functions are centralized by a user interface consistent with the image of your establishment, simple and easy to use only requiring a few minutes to learn.

 Hotels Rooms

For any management team, making sure that when a guest enters a hotel room they can get to grips with their surroundings in just a few minutes and feel at ease is essential. Easy and efficient management of the room’s main functions helps a great deal in achieving this.

With our solutions designed for the hotel industry, SoundandVision will ensure quick, smart access to atmospheric lighting (lighting, blinds and curtains), background music, multimedia content (television, video-on-demand), heating and air conditioning controls, keycard management and security features (fire alarm). Room status is also fed back to reception.  Traditional services such as cleaning, laundry and room service can also be accessed.


In these areas of movement, rest and relaxation, it’s all about compromise between creating pleasant and discreet atmospheric sound with suitable background music, the broadcasting of informational or entertainment content and conserving a friendly atmosphere and communication among people.

Here once more, with its experience and product and technological know-how, SoundandVision can offer reliable and effective solutions, perfectly integrated within your environment.


SoundandVision’s command of the highly specific constraints of these environments (ambient sound, humidity, temperature variations, limited integration options) and knowledge of suitable technologies will enable us to design and install high-performance solutions, reliable over time, for these leisure and relaxation spaces.

 Conference Room

-Quality, reliability and simplicity of conference/seminar rooms and meeting areas

High-quality display (screen or projection), high-performance and multi-tasking audio system, automated management of space usage scenarios combining lighting and curtains/blinds systems management: these are the ingredients to optimized and effective use of a conference or seminar area.

SoundandVision’s design office understands the challenges and needs of luxury reception areas in the hotel industry and can design high-performance, adaptable solutions (formal presentations, interactive events, content projection, etc.)


-Villas, chalets, apartments and penthouses…

For over eight years now, SoundandVision has been designing and installing home automation and entertainment systems integrated within its clients’ living spaces.

Whether you choose a contemporary villa, a traditional house of character or a spacious penthouse; or whether you decide to make your mountain chalet an exceptional place to relax, we will make your dreams come true and help you unleash your desires to fully enjoy your living space with those most dear to you.

Our teams fully understand the constraints and specific features of each type of habitat and will design the solution most suited to your expectations and budget.

-New build, extension, transformation or renovation…

You have the opportunity to build the living space of your dreams? You’ve found the rare gem you were looking for and want to remodel it to reflect your personality and outlook on life? Fancy a change or need more space?

Whatever your project involves, whether a new build, extension, transformation or renovation, we will offer a suitable and scalable solution.


Your favourite music throughout your living space… both indoors and out

In all areas of your living space, access instantly, simply and intuitively your favorite radio stations (FM, DAB, satellite, podcasts music server), your old CD collection and your favorite playlists whether local or on the cloud.

Our unique experience in sound systems will help us design a system perfectly suited to your personality and lifestyle. You choose the quality level (background music, high-fidelity, etc.), you choose the access method (tablets, portable stereos, computers, televisions, control panels, wall keypads, etc.) and you choose the integration level that lives up to your vision of your living space (visible, fully hidden or hideaway systems).

Naturally, several people will want to enjoy the pleasures of your music distribution system. Worry not: our systems can offer you access to content by user.


-Images and video where you want, when you want…

In your lounge, office or library, in your bedroom, gym or even your bathroom – enjoy access to your favorite television channels, video-on-demand, your DVD or Blu-ray collection, your personal library of video clips or Internet on the screen of your choice (TV, widescreen, projector, tablet, computer and more…).

Our expertise in personal multimedia content broadcasting management will enable us to fulfill your desires and satisfy your habits.

 Private Cinema

Home cinema or family media room?

Do you dream of enjoying an experience comparable to real cinema?  For the viewing pleasure of you and your loved ones? It’s possible with SoundandVision.

Are you hesitating between a fully-dedicated room or a more convivial space that can also be used for other purposes? That too is possible with SoundandVision. From the ultra-high end, THX-certified home cinema to family ‘media room’, with the more traditional private cinema in between…. our expertise in audio, video and projection systems, space planning, room acoustics and seat/sofa layout will enable us to create the space you dream of, as we have done so for many clients before.

SoundandVision can provide full turnkey solutions and is able to work closely with you, your architect, interior designer and other artisans you have commissioned.

Our teams have acquired unique expertise and skills in space management, projection techniques, image and sound processing technologies, acoustics, furnishings (armchairs, sofas – motorized or not) that enable us to quickly understand what you want and how to make it a reality.

 Lighting, Blinds, Curtains

-Atmospheric lighting, ambiance and energy. Indoor or outdoor automated blinds, curtains and lighting management.

We want to offer our clients overall wellbeing. This means we integrate into our approach – and so into our solutions – management of atmospheric lighting, automated blinds, curtains, drapes, shutters and canopy controls, whether indoors or out.

SoundandVision can define ambiances for each of your living spaces with pre-programmed scenarios to suit your mood, activated using the various control interfaces at your disposal (tablets, control panels, wall keypads, etc.).

Our technical teams’ skills let us create the ambiances you want while ensuring smart management of energy consumption and contributing to the overall security of your living space (general entry/exit scenarios, presence simulation).

 Global Management

-Centralised management and supervision of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, access control, security, weather and more…

Why not follow right through with this approach of simply and intuitively managing the key functions of your living space? Whether it be entertainment, wellbeing or more general aspects of technically managing the building itself?

SoundandVision offers you the possibility to centralize within its global management system your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plus part of your home surveillance (cameras) and/or access control (electronic door entry). And why not include other external systems such as weather stations and automatic watering systems?

Tell us about your vision of home comfort and quality of life and we will design the solution that best suits your needs.


-Simplicity, intuitiveness and pleasure with Smart home Global Control

Audio, video, lighting, blinds and curtains, security, heating… all important features that add to the quality of your daily life. Centralised management of these features is obviously an advantage as long as the accessible, visible part of your installation (i.e. the control interfaces) always work, are easy to locate and are simple, intuitive and user-friendly.

SoundandVision’s design office offers the best-suited control interface solution for each of its clients – the most practical combination of fixed and portable touch screens, wall keypads, tablets, Smartphone’s, remote controls, even computers… offering different graphic and visualization options.

SoundandVision was founded in Albania in 2010, by a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the Italian market. SoundandVision is specialized in technologies that help enhance comfort and quality in home automation, audio/video entertainment systems and collaborative working in the of life in homes and luxury hotels but also productivity and working conditions in large companies or international organizations. The company quickly asserted itself as the Albania leader residential and high-end hotel sectors as well as in the corporate environment. Today, SoundandVision is happy to serve over 100 satisfied clients throughout Albania and abroad.

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