Our primary concern is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and that the right choices are made to meet their expectations, that the systems work perfectly and any malfunctions are promptly addressed.


To date Sound & Vision teams have designed and installed integrated solutions for more than 100 customers in Albania and abroad. They are at your service to advise and ensure your dreams comes true and that your installed system provides comfort, quality, tranquility… and an easier life.

Feasibility studies

Initially the Sound & Vision design specialists will analyze your project with you and your architect, whether a new building or the renovation, extension or development of an existing one. In addition, our project managers are deployed at your site to offer advice on the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Integration and installation

With of over fiften years of experience in installing complex technological solutions in luxury environments, Sound & Vision specialists apply an industry-sourced project management methodology that guarantees the best in delivery times, quality, workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Maintenance and support

Technical malfunctions occur in any technological equipment. What matters for costumers is to have someone reliable to, who would quickly solve the problem. Sound & Vision support teams are ready and on standby to assist and quickly ensure that systems are back to normal functioning.