Music lovers should be looking forward to this. The successful saxo family has been upgraded and it’s better than ever before. A lot of people love saxo because they are created by music lovers. Others like the simple design. Others just love the great sound and competitive price. People love saxo for many reasons so we have upgraded them in several ways:

1. The sound is bigger

The music sounds bigger, warmer and more transparent. We have developed a new tweeter. It features a patented DXT acoustic lens that fills the room with sound. We have developed new crossovers that make the sound bigger and warmer

2. The design is more simple

Cabinet surfaces are now in a beautiful satin finish. You just want to touch it. The speakers come in white and black. Front grilles sit with invisible magnets. The design appears super simplistic

3. The durability is even improved

The updated technology increases durability, allowing you to play your saxos through the wildest party for hours and hours.

4. The price has not changed

Our design team managed to upgrade the saxos without raising the price. Great work, if you ask me