Home automation and the smart home: increasingly wide-ranging concepts

In the recent times the concept of smart homes and home automation has rapidly evolved, by introducing wide range high speed features that help us keep up with advancement of communication systems and appliances.

Home automation improves comfort and safety, through simple, creative and intuitive management of living spaces. Automation systems enable easy handling of entertainment and leisure oriented features (lighting, music, movies) and as well as home interior features (heating, air conditioning, lighting, blinds and curtains, security.

Skills and expertise

Installation of automation systems requires specialized skills and expertise in networks and telecommunications, Wi-Fi, audio and acoustics, video, television, Internet, building technical management, lighting, security, software development, interfaces and ergonomics, and project management. Also, installation process requires close coordination with specialists of other fields including electricity, water systems or interior construction. It is in this spirit that a group of creative and motivated specialists founded Sound & Vision in 2010, turning it into a reference in the home automation sector in Albania. For over seven years we have been designing and installing home automation systems for our customers in the residential, hotel and luxury sectors.

The integrator’s approach in our line of work

Sound & Vision employs its expertise, technical skills, creativity and innovation to identify, develop and implement numerous products, equipment and technological bricks to integrate them into the solutions we offer our customers. In choosing our partners, we focus on the relevance of their products but also for the technologies they use and the reliability and robustness of their solutions and service quality they offer. This objective stance when choosing products guarantees you a solution suited to your lifestyle, requirements and budget.